Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TileMill: Open Source Mapping Now for Windows

TileMill is built on open source libraries (Mapnik, node.js, backbone.js,express and CodeMirror) and uses CSS styling with its map styling language Carto to render beautiful online maps. For an idea of what you can do with TileMill, the Chicago Tribune demonstrated some of its capabilities in its Making Maps series using PostGIS, Mapnik, TileMill, and Google Maps. Demos of TileMill in action can also be viewed on MapBox’s Maps page.

TileMill can now be used natively in Windows with the latest release. The release of TileMill 0.9.0 also includes a new plugin system: “TileMill UI can now be extended and modified using standalone, JavaScript plugins.” The new release also includes many fixes and updates including shipping with a desktop app client instead of requiring a browser.

TileMill has also released a crash courseto help new users walk through using the open source application. The course reviews:, Importing a basic spreadsheet, Styling a basic point map, Adding tooltips and legends, and Exporting maps and sharing them on the web.

For Downloading TileMill Please Click here

MapNimbus - Online Mapping Portal

MapNimbus is an online mapping portal designed to deliver information to citizens in an easy-to-use interface. Web Mapping Application by GeoTechGroup


MapNimbus boasts a familiar and intuitive interface that is easy-to-use. MapNimbus allows the user to search by address or agency to view crimes in their area. The user can narrow the scope of the search by using a pre-defined buffer. The crimes can be narrowed down even further by specifying a specific date range that you wish to view. To view more information about a specific crime, just click the icon and a map tip will display relevant information about the crime. Online crime mapping is made easier with MapNimbus.


MapNimbus allows the user to view sex offender data for their area. This allows you to keep the public informed of any registered sex offenders residing near their home, work, daycare, school, parks, public library, etc. The user can search for sex offenders near an address. You can click on the sex offender icon and view information about the offender on the mapping interface. MapNimbus also allows the user to click a link and visit the state's sex offender site directly for more detailed information.


MapNimbus informs the public of relevant and important information. When in need of restaurant sanitation grades, lodging grades, child care facility grades, and more look no further than MapNimbus! The easy-to-use interface allows the user to seach by address or pan and zoom the map to the desired location. You can view the inspection date, score and letter grade for each restaurant or view information about building permits in your area. MapNimbus also displays historical grades as well as the current grade for the restaurant. You can sign up for automatic email notification to be notified when sanitation grades change for a user-specified area. MapNimbus allows the user to view a wide array of information about their community. MapNimbus helps you keep citizens informed!


Not only can users view crimes and restaurant data for their area, they can also use powerful statistic and reporting tools to view a summary of the occurrences in their area. The reporting tools show a summary of what is being viewed on the mapping interface, whether it be crimes, restaurant grades, or other data. The user can also view a summary of the entire agency.You can choose to view a pie chart, bar chart, or tabular data. As you pan and zoom the map, the charts automatically update to reflect what you are viewing on the map. Once you have the sample of data that you desire, you have the option to print the information.


MapNimbus allows users to sign up to receive automatic email notifications for changes in their area. They can receive an email when a crime has occurred within a specified distance of the address they choose or when a restaurant grade changes within the area they specify. This allows the public to automatically be notified of important information in their area!